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Cellar Escape Game

This cellar escape game, Cellar Door, is a genuinely scary escape game that uses photo-realistic images so turn off the lights, pump up the volume and prepare for a very scary ten minutes because that's all you've got, maybe even less if you make the wrong move. You are trapped in a cellar haunted by a dark and dangerous entity and there is also a ghostly child resident there. You have to help her find her ten lost marbles and she will share her secret to help you escape from the cellar. If time runs out then so does your life in this world.

After you've played this cellar escape game, check out and play our other scary games ... if you dare.... If you get stuck check out the Cellar Door game walkthrough video below.



Cellar Escape Game


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Cellar Escape Game

Cellar Escape Game: Play our free online scary cellar escape game, Cellar Door, and escape the cellar in a game that uses haunting photo-realistic images

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