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This is a pretty cool escape game where you find yourself trapped in an old dungeon and need to find a way to escape, um, obviously, however its not just another point and click puzzle there are some additional elements like torturing some of the lost souls in the dungeon to get information from them about how to escape and an imaginative use of an Ouija board to assist you. We won't spoilt the terror but start off by clicking on the top arrow then jot down the order of the Roman numbers on the right of the screen. These will come in useful later. As ever we provide a video walkthrough to the game if you get trapped in the dungeon and are unable to escape. After you play this online dungeon game why not check out and play some of our other scary escape games?



Dungeon Game


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Dungeon Game

Dungeon Game: Play our free online scary dungeon escape game and escape the dungeon in this intriguing puzzle game that involves torture and an Ouija board

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