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Fairground Escape Game

It probably wasn't such a good idea to enter an old abandoned fairground and probably even less so to give the aging ghost train a ride to see whether it really is scary or not. Well, the moment it breaks down with you trapped inside yes, it does now seem pretty scary. You need to escape from this creepy place by working your way through eleven rooms to find objects and solve puzzles that will aid your escape and get back outside. As ever we provide a walkthrough to this fairground escape game but if you don't want to use it you'll need to know that inside the fuse box in the first room you need to click "10". Now that isn't the first puzzle because you need to find the green key to even open the fuse box. Oh, have we said too much?



Fairground Escape Game

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Fairground Escape Game

Fairground Escape Game: Play our free online scary fairground escape game in which you're trapped inside the Ghost Train and need to escape

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