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On this page we feature some of our most popular fortune teller games from which you can explore the numerology of your name, find out about past lives and get a free, online tarot card reading. Also check out our Death Book to find out when life will come to an end and, of course, ask questions about your future and fortune using our online Ouija board.

Whilst here ask the crystal ball a question above but make sure its a yes or no question ... although you may not get a yes or no answer if your question is not clear. Crystal ball gazing itself is a form of skrying in which a medium stares fixedly into a crystal ball and at first sees hazy images that later become 'crystal clear'. Many think that they can also look into the crystal ball, but, in fact, the ball does not show the vision to those without psychic power, its merely a conduit for the psychic him or herself.




Numerology Game

In another of our fortune teller games use numerology to predict your personality and life path.
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Fortune Teller Games

Play free online fortune teller games with our online crystal balls and other fortune teller games ~ some will answer your questions either yes or no. Whilst these fortune teller games are mainly fun find out about your daily biorhythms above and then get your daily horoscope here.



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Death Book

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