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Ghost Hunting Game

To be honest we prefer scary ghost games that have real paranormal sounds and images, however we appreciate that visitors to this site enjoy a range of ghost games so we've included this one as well. It should appeal to all ages, but younger kids in particular as it has a cartoon feel about it.

The scene is set, the night is dark, the moon is high. Our intrepid hero wanders down to the haunted woods where the winds are alive with the sound of the dead.

Without warning you come under attack from ghosts and evil spirits and must use you best ghost hunting skills to destroy them before they destroy you.



Ghost Hunting Game

To play this ghost hunting game use your left and right arrow keys to move around, your up and down keys to move your arrow and your spacebar to power up and fire at the ghosts. After you've played this ghost hunting game, check out and play our other scary games ... if you dare.... then make sure you visit our online Ouija board.


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Ghost Hunting Game

Ghost Hunting Game: Play our free online ghost hunting game, Bhoot Attack and go ghost hunting in the haunted woods and destroy the evil spirits

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