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Old House Escape Game

Before you escape this old house you need to enter it to find out what were the mysterious circumstances that led it to be sealed following the death of a young woman by drowning in her own blood. You already know that following World War II the original house on the site was used as a shelter for war victims and was subject to a strange attack by Nazi infiltrators to the USA who hadn't come to terms with the loss of the war. Following that massacre and the torching of the old house a new one was built however the new owner shot his wife there then killed himself in front of his young daughter who went insane. Then the house was sold to the young woman who drowned. You need to enter the old house and establish what is behind this string of macabre deaths then see if you can escape a similar fate. A walkthrough to this game is provided below if you get stuck.



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Old House Escape Game

Old House Escape Game: Play our free online scary old house game which was sealed many years ago following the death of a young woman there by drowning in her own blood. Can you figure out the old house's secret?

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