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Scary Ghost Game

This is probably our favourite scary ghost game because its got really atmospheric graphics and a dark brooding feel that conjures up the trepidation of actually dealing with haunted life forms that are placing your village under attack. Together with a menacing soundtrack, turn off the lights, pump up the volume and prepare to sacrifice your own life for those of others.... Unlike some of our other ghost games this requires some action.

To play use W, A, S, D to move and your mouse to aim and shoot. The ghosts and demons though are relentless as they march towards you. You'll need to be a fast shooter or you'll be next to join them in the afterworld.



Scary Ghost Game


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Scary Ghost Game

Scary Ghost Game: Play our free scary ghost game online , Ghosty Ghosty. In this atmospheric scary ghost game protect the villagers from ghost and other demonic forms

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