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Sewer Escape Game

This sewer escape game takes place during the Second World War when you are sent down into London's sewers to conduct some research but get hopelessly lost and need to escape. The sewers of London were first constructed between 1859 and 1865 and diverted foul waste from the River Thames down to the Thames Estuary and out of harms way. Now this isn't the scariest of all escape games unless you're claustrophobic or hate the smell of raw sewage. Fortunately its just a game so you can go outside whenever you chose and the makers of the game didn't incorporate "smell-a-round" so you shouldn't feel sick. As ever we provide a walkthrough in case you get trapped down the sewer but you need to provide the toilet roll. Just in case. Anyway after you play this sewer escape game why not check out and play our other online scary games?



Sewer Escape Game


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Sewer Escape Game

Sewer Escape Game: Play our free online scary sewer escape game and try an escape from a foul smelling sewer under the streets of London as German aircraft fly overhead

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