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Submarine Escape Game

In this scary submarine escape game you're a member of crew on a deep sea submarine expedition working hard when suddenly there is a crashing noise, a shudder and the lights go out. In the distance you can hear screaming and shouting and what sounds like the captain accusing other crew members of cowardice. Then nothing. An eerie silence save for the creaking of the submarine as it settles on the sea bed. You need to escape from this place. But how? You're deep under the ocean's surface, oxygen is failing and there is only limited power to keep life support going. And what is that noise? If you get stuck playing this submarine escape game there is a walkthrough below. After you've played this game why not check out and play our other online escape games?



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Submarine Escape Game

Submarine Escape Game: Play our free online scary submarine escape game in which your submarine crashes on the seabed trapping you all alone. Can you escape?

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