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Although Voodoo originated in Africa taking its name from the east African word "vodun" (spirit) and was practised there for thousands of years before European contact and later colonisation, modern day voodoo is more associated with Haiti, especially the European colonisation period when it was known as Hispaniola, and migrated to the New World, notably the New Orleans area. Voodoo is still practised widely in Haiti today.

Here we present a number of online voodoo games. There are others available but we believe these games best capture the essence of the voodoo spirit. So turn down the lights, pump up the volume and prepare to be frightened.


Voodoo Games

Voodoo Games

Voodoo Games



Voodoo Games

Voodoo Games

Play our free online voodoo games capturing the spirit of voodoo including scary voodoo doll games. To buy a Voodoo Doll see below.

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