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Zombie Killing Games

This is one of our zombie killing games that was inspired by late 20th century B horror movies; the type that often made you laugh but then, from time to time, gave you a jolt. We all know that your average zombie's typical delicacy is brains and in this game you're going to see a lot of brains, along with exploding heads, dismembered corpses etc. Want to continue? If you do simply blast them zombies using your mouse remembering to use your "r" key to reload you gun. One shot, however good will not be enough as it will take three bullets to kill each zombie with their weak points being their arms, torso, head and legs.

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Zombie Killing Games


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Zombie Killing Games

Zombie Killing Games: Play one of our free online zombie killing games, Gore Fest! In these flash zombie killing games kill the zombie horde before it munches your brains!

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