Inculation Game

We like this action horror game not only because it is somewhat creepy, but because, as opposed to some point and click games, Inculation also has some pretty cool action scenes to move the narrative along. It's a horror game inspired by Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Exmortis. As ever, you've made the fatal mistake (will you ever learn?) of waking up dazed and alone in a strange place. Well, when we say alone, you're not actually alone, and therein lies your problem. And it a big problem. A deadly problem, and only you can solve it if you want to escape death and perhaps a fate far worse.... If you get stuck playing this Inculation game check out out the video walkthrough below then, after you've played it, why not check out and play our other horror games then make sure you check out our online Ouija board.


Deadly Game

This deadly game starts in a baby's nursery with a strange looking, blood covered doll lying alone in a baby's crib. You need to establish who has been killed and by whom. This is a fairly short game, but with a classic deadly ending!

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Scariest Games Online

Scariest Games Online

Here we present some of the very best scariest games online that will send a chill to the very core of your soul. From being chased by shadows and ghosts to unlocking chilling secrets from you childhood past we have games for those seeking a scare fest but best not play in the dark.

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