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Asylum Escape Game

In this game you are trapped as a patient in Ather Asylum and have to escape through rooms and nightmare corridors, home to the insane. Its a very atmospheric game that uses photo realistic imagery so turn off the lights, pump up the volume and prepare for a very scary escape adventure. This is quite a sophisticated game so we'll give you a few hints to get started. Firstly go left then pick up the book and open in by clicking on it from your inventory. If you just click on the pages it seems blank, but click on the leaves of paper to the left or right the pages will turn to eventually reveal a map providing you with a combination and time clue. Next find the safe and open it with the combination from the book and you can take it from there. But be careful. After you've played this asylum escape game, check out and play our other scary games ... if you dare.... If you get stuck we have an Ather Asylum walkthrough below.



Asylum Escape Game


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Asylum Escape Game

Asylum Escape Game: Play our free online scary cellar asylum escape game, Ather Asylum, and escape from the asylum in a game that uses photo realistic imagery

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