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Car Crash Game

You didn't expect to suddenly see what appears to be a person standing in the road in front of you, so you were slow to react, crashing your car in the process. What was it and why? Did you cause your own death in the car crash and why did you resurface in what appears to be an old abandoned house? But is it abandoned, and why all these questions? Well this is a pretty scary car crash game and there's a clue in its name, Zombies Surrounded. When you first regain consciousness go to the wood crack next to the radio then keep clicking on it until it opens and you'll see a key. Next go upstairs and open the top drawer. You see a screwdriver, use it to open the radio. After that you're on your own. Actually, you're not alone at all and that's the scary part of the game. After you've played this Zombies Surrounded game have a look at and play our other scary horror games but, if you get stuck, check out our video walkthrough below.



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