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Creepy Basement Game

This creepy basement game can't really be described as scary or from the horror genre, and to be honest, its not even all that creepy ~ which you can probably guess with its less than sinister introduction "you went into the basement of your new residence to get some potatoes for lunch". Argh! Scary stuff those new potatoes. Pumpkins, maybe scary, dead souls definitely so, but potatoes? We don't think so.

Anyhow, its still a bit of an intriguing game with a mysterious door closing behind you once you enter the creepy basement and you have to find a way out. Are you alone down there? Probably not as we are sure we saw some runner beans in the basement and gravy granules as well as, shock horror, some sinister carrots and even perhaps a cabbage. Now don't be frightened.



Creepy Basement Game


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Creepy Basement Game

Creepy Basement Game: Play our free online creepy basement game where you enter your basement and get trapped behind a mysterious door

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