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Creepy Toybox Game

This Toybox game comes with mixed reviews, after all waking up in a strange place with a chain attached to a collar on your neck is never a good sign and certainly not suggestive of a breakthrough, creative game. Despite this it does have a nice creepy feel and a number of riddles to solve to help you make good your escape. There's a walkthrough below but you should be able to manage this one even during the darker scenes. To help you out we'll give you the number for Pi which is 31415. Will it come in useful, oh yes, but it won't help you find the ending to this game of which there are a few and one is even hidden!

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Creepy Toybox Game


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Creepy Toybox Game

Creepy Toybox Game: Play our free online creepy toybox game where you awake with a chain attached to a collar on your neck next to a sinister toybox

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