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Escape the Dead Game

Another of our scary escape games that avoids the click and point genre. This time you're in a quarantined city with the military refusing to allow the inhabitants to leave less a deadly virus that has turned many of the city's inhabitants into zombie like creatures escapes and the entire country becomes infected. But you ain't going to let that stop you. No, sir. Armed with just your getaway car and, well, lets be honest, a gun, (after all, you are American) your determined to make good your escape and if there's a bit of collateral damage, well so be it. Most of them are dead already. To play this escape the dead game use your WASD keys to drive your car and spacebar for your handbrake. Now get a move on as there are many levels to this complex game and a killfest awaits. Is that a problem officer?



Escape the Dead Game


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Escape the Dead Game

Escape the Dead Game: Play our free online scray escape the dead game and escape from a quarantined city overrun by dead zombies in your getaway car

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