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Exorcism Game

In this exorcism game you play the role of a Catholic priest who has been called to carry out an exorcism on an old lady who has been living alone in a creepy old house for many years and the locals whisper that she has been taken over by evil spirits who lurk within the walls of the mansion. Now it is widely believed that an exorcism is the releasing the demonic force from a possessed body through a set of holy rituals and in this game the ritual is one of memorising a sequence of lights and sounds. Simply remember the sequence and repeat it in order to force out the demon from the old lady. But one false more will result in your own death. After you play this online exorcism game why not check out and play our other scary online games?



Exorcism Game


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Exorcism Game

Exorcism Game: Play our free online scary exorcism game and play the role of a Catholic priest undertaking an exorcism in an old creepy house

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