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Halloween Escape Game

In this haunted Halloween escape game, its Halloween obviously and you are trapped in the middle of a haunted village and need to make your escape before unpleasant things start happening to you. Its a traditional click and point adventure where you have to use your imaginative and deductive skills to make good your escape. You don't have any imagination or deductive skills? Okay we'll give you a head start. Firstly click on the gravestone on your left and take the coin. You will see a similar image on the right hand pumpkin so take that as well. Next find the coin near the cat statue then find the last coin on second window on the right most side of the screen. After that you're on your own!

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Halloween Escape Game


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Halloween Escape Game

Halloween Escape Game: Play our free online Halloween escape game, Haunted Halloween Escape. In this flash Halloween escape game you need to escape from a haunted village

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