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Haunted Asylum Game

Now if you were sent an invitation to participate in a ceremony at an old abandoned asylum, not least one that is reputed to be haunted, most folk would go with a friend if they went at all, and most would probably prefer to curl up in front of the telly watching Corrie. But that wouldn't make for much of a game. So yep, you go ahead and whilst waiting for the others, you do go ahead and curl up and have a sleep only to wake and find yourself alone and trapped inside this haunted place. Well, quite frankly, what did you expect?

Well, what you didn't expect was what happens next in this haunted asylum game. If you get well and truly stuck checkout out haunted asylum walkthrough video below.



Haunted Asylum Game


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Haunted Asylum Game

Haunted Asylum Game: Play our free online scary haunted asylum game and accept an invitation to participate in a bizarre ritual at an asylum, and invitation you should not have accepted

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