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Online Voodoo Doll

Today the use of Voodoo is associated with talismanic magic in New Orleans in America, however is it recognised world wide as a form of punishment and often used on unfaithful partner's with the Voodoo Doll itself being used as a conduit for punishment of that person. The Ancient Greeks used Voodoo Dolls to blind their enemies whilst in medieval Europe they were used as curses. Others use Voodoo Dolls for positive purposes such as healing, love and spiritual guidance and during harvest rituals.

To play this online Voodoo game type in the name of your victim and select their hair colour. After that decide what form of punishment your victim deserves then release the spirits for them to undertake that punishment on your behalf.



Online Voodoo Doll

Historically pins have been inserted into the voodoo doll to inflict pain, but in this game you get a wider number of options and instructions for each of those options are available within the game.After you've played this online Voodoo Doll game, check out and play our other scary games ... if you dare.... then make sure you visit our online Ouija board by clicking here.


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Online Voodoo Doll

Online Voodoo Doll: Play our free online voodoo doll game by typing in your voodoo doll victim's name and selecting their punishment

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