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Paranormal Activity Game

In this paranormal activity game you play the role of a paranormal investigator and come across a request from the new owners of an old abandoned castle to rid it of paranormal entities. Obviously you go for it, or there wouldn't be a game and you drive up to the old castle in your car keen to find those ghosts. What danger awaits?

Well, this is quite an atmospheric paranormal activity game and we won't give too much away but, to get you going, on the first screen click on the top bar then find the castle's emblem next to which you will find some numbers. Go back to your car then click on the left bar and enter those numbers. After that you're on your own, though in this abandoned castle you really don't want to be alone.



Paranormal Activity Game


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Paranormal Activity Game

Paranormal Activity Game: Play our free online paranormal activity game and role play a paranormal investigator ridding an old abandoned castle of paranormal entities

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