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Paranormal Escape Game

We like games with photo realistic imagery so this paranormal escape game is right up our street. In the game you enter a wretched old building only for the front to collapse trapping you inside. But you're not alone. Oh no, there's a fair few paranormal entities sharing the building with you which is a pretty good reason to find your way out and escape.

To get you started go left then pickup the hammer on the floor. Go right then right again and use the hammer to make a hole on the wall on the right of the upright piece of furniture. There you will find a key. Okay, the only other help you are going to get is from the ghosts around you and they're not really offering the type of help you really want........



Paranormal Escape Game


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Paranormal Escape Game

Paranormal Escape Game: Play our free online paranormal activity escape game and try and escape the creepy old building that's haunted by ghost like paranormal entities

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