Abandoned Game

This is probably our favourite online paranormal game as it's got great atmosphere, a haunting theme and uses photorealistic images. You have been on a paranormal investigation with colleagues and a strange mist enveloped all of you. Your colleagues were gone and you have been left alone, abandoned. Now you need to escape from this dark wretched place where paranormal activity abounds. To get you going find the screwdriver in the dirt then climb the ladder and use the screwdriver to open the padlock. Good luck after that, you're going to need it! After you've played this online paranormal game, check out and play our other scary games ... if you dare.... and maybe even try our online Ouija board?


Haunting Game

Ghostcsape is set inside a haunted house and you need to locate various occult items to progress to the next levels. A cool point and click ghost game.

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Paranormal Games

Paranormal Games

On this page we present our collection of paranormal games where you can undertake ESP training, develop your psychic skills as well as playing some of the very best paranormal games online some of which contain real ghost sounds and other paranormal activity.

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