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We've placed this online psychic game in our paranormal games collection because for it to work you need to use your psychic powers to their full extent and, if you have such ability, the results are simply amazing!

On the screen before you are a number of cards from a pack of cards. Mentally select one of them and  memorize it. Soon after the cards will be shuffled and you will be asked to click on one of the cards to remove it from the remaining cards.

Think carefully and select the card that you think is the one you memorized earlier. Its then removed from the pack. The other cards are turned over and.. well, has your card disappeared? Do you have psychic ability?



Psychic Game


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Psychic Game

Psychic Game: Play our free online psychic game. Select a card, memorize it, then after the cards are shuffled test your psychic ability to make it disappear

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