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Scary Forest Game

In this scary forest game you are driving late at night when suddenly all of the electrics in your car fail causing you to crash.

You lose consciousness and awake in a dark, scary forest where there is a man, a slenderman, who is out to get you. And he wants to kill you. Can you escape from this living nightmare or will you die a horrible death alone in this cursed forest?

To play this game use your ZQSD/QWSD keys to walk, "F" to toggle flashlight, "G" to drop batteries , your shift key to run for limited periods and your left click to pick up pages. Now see if your can survive.



Scary Forest Game


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Scary Forest Game

Scary Forest Game: Play our free online scary forest game in which you crash your car and wake up in a forest slowly realising the forest is cursed and death stalks in the shadows

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