Neverending Light Game

Play our free online the dark game, Neverending Light! In this dark game travel deep into a dark and mysterious cavern of blood where creatures of the night await you! When you enter the dark game it takes a bit of getting used to, but it is scary so turn off the lights and prepare for the worst! You travel down into a cavernous region deep underground where creatures slaughter your travel companions. Can you find a way to escape before they mutilate you as well? Oh, and its dark, very dark down there... If you get stuck check out our video walkthrough below. After you've played this Neverending Light game have a look at and play our other scary games then make sure you check out our online Ouija board.

Pit Dwellers

Pit Dweellers Game

This game is set in a drilling station on a remote island where miners reported strange noises whenever the drills stop working. All contact was lost and you need to go down and find out what happened.

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Scariest Games Online

Scariest Games Online

Here we present some of the very best scariest games online that will send a chill to the very core of your soul. From being chased by shadows and ghosts to unlocking chilling secrets from you childhood past we have games for those seeking a scare fest but best not play in the dark.

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