The Death Game

Play our free online the death game! In this death game play the role of the Grim Reaper and fiendishly plot the death of others! You are presented with three scenarios to kill your victims. Have a close look around each scene and believe you're starring in Final Destination! When you've devised a plan put it into action by pointing and clicking on objects. In the first scene, make use of the gun to burst a pipe that will drip water onto the electrical socket. Water and electricity. Now, they never go well together do they? The death game, a classic! After you've played this game have a look at and play our other deathly horror games then make sure you check out our online Ouija board.

Death Date Calculator

Date of Death Calculator

This online date of death calculator will calculate how many years you have left to live. Simply answer a number of lifestyle questions, being as honest as you can be.

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Death Games

Death Games

We have some of the very best death games online for your fiendish pleasure! Whether you want to solve a death riddle, work out plots to send people to the other side or use our online death book, you're in the right place.

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