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Tomb Escape Game

This is another point and click game where you are trapped in a tomb and have to escape. What is it with these people that they're always getting trapped? Surely if you're going to hang around a tomb you let someone know where you are going and have these people never heard of cell phones so they can simply call for help? Anyways here's a few clues to get you started. Firstly click on the plant to take the green stone then turn right, take the candle holder from the floor next to the stones then click on the script puzzle on your left and make it be the same on both side - reflecting right to the left. Next click on the plant towards your right, where you will find a stone and if you click on it you can take the knife. Then click to the middle of the screen under the Egyptian painting to enter into the next room look at the hanging compass and bring red to seven. Got it? Okay now you're on your own!



Tomb Escape Game


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Tomb Escape Game

Tomb Escape Game: Play our free online tomb escape game, Great Tomb Escape. In this flash tomb escape game see if you can escape from the underground tomb

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