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Voodoo Doll Game

This online voodoo doll game is just a bit of fun, unless you're the actual voodoo doll itself or the victim you have named to be tortured with pliers, pins, hot dripping wax or the flame from a naked candle that will burn you.

In reality, this type of voodoo doll has more to do with the images projected in the James Bond movie Live and Let Die than real voodoo practise which is more concerned with the connection between man, his environment and God and draws heavily on Catholicism; being practised around the world although primarily in countries such as Haiti and the state of Louisiana in America.



Voodoo Doll Game


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Voodoo Doll Game

Voodoo Doll Game: Play our free online voodoo doll game and select your instruments of torture from pins, pliers or hot, dripping wax candles. Let the voodoo sacrifice commence!

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