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Voodoo Escape Game

This is quite an intriguing occult voodoo game. A high priestess of voodoo selected an innocent family and cast a voodoo spell on them. The normal role of a Mambo (priestess) is to preserve the voodoo spiritual religion by promoting its rituals songs and rituals but they can also cast black magic spells as they did in this game. You must help this family escape the voodoo magic spell. If you get stuck solving the game there is a walkthrough below. After you've played this voodoo escape game why not check out and play our other free, online voodoo games?

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Voodoo Escape Game


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Voodoo Escape Game

Voodoo Escape Game: Play our free online voodoo spell escape game and help an innocent family by breaking the voodoo spell cast upon them by a voodoo priestess

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