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Scary Zombie Game

This is a really scary zombie game set deep inside an old decaying hospital. Using photo-realistic images you have to fend off the wards of zombies who want one thing; to devour you and make you one of their own. As you do. There's more to it than just killing mutant zombies though. You have to clear out the infestation then progress to other levels. Did we mention the axe wielding brute?

No? Oh well, better watch out for him, or what used to be a him. Best dealt with by a few shots to the head. This is a fast moving game without time to relax, but then again its not the ideal place to relax in any event. After you've played this scary zombie game, check out and play our other scary games ... if you dare.... then make sure you visit our online Ouija board.



Scary Zombie Game


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Scary Zombie Game

Scary Zombie Game: Play our free online scary zombie game, Zombie Hospital. In this atmospheric scary zombie game you are trapped in a decaying hospital full of zombies

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