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Alien vs Predator Game

What do you do when two movie franchises, Alien and Predator, have run out of steam and need a refresh? Reimagine them like Star Trek, Batman or Superman, or just go for it and merge the two then await the inevitable panning from critics?

Well, 20th Century Fox went for the merger and the movie sees a group of archaeologists and engineers despatched to Antarctica to identify a mysterious source of heat from deep underground. They enter a buried pyramid and encounter aliens who inhabit the edifice who are then joined by warrior predators engaged in a coming-of-age ritual. Let the slaughter and critical panning commence!



Alien vs Predator Game


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Alien vs Predator Game

Alien vs Predator Game: Play our free online Alien vs Predator movie based game that sees archaeologists and engineers despatched to Antarctica. Let the fighting begin!

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