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Ask the Crystal Ball

Crystal gazing is a form of skrying in which a medium stares fixedly into a crystal ball. The first impressions may be hazy but according to many mediumistic accounts this effect clears away and specific visionary scenes then present themselves. Occultists believe the crystal ball is a focus for the medium's psychic perception and that the crystal ball does not, in itself, cause the visions to appear. In history the crystal ball has never really been a tool for providing images or insights into the future, more a technique for a medium to use to focus their thoughts with clarity. To ask the crystal ball, simply type in your question. The fortune teller will then gaze into the ball and provide your answer. After you've played this ask the crystal ball game, check out and play our other scary games.



Ask the Crystal Ball

Ask the Crystal Ball

Please ask the crystal ball a a yes/no question and it will respond.

Ask the Crystal Ball

You may want to start out by asking something simple.

Warning: you may ask the magic crystal ball anything, but it does have a tendency to be sarcastic!


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Ask the Crystal Ball

Ask the Crystal Ball: Ask the magic crystal ball a question for a free online crystal ball reading although some of the crystal ball's answers are a bit sarcastic!

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