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The history of tarot cards can be traced back to the fourteenth century with the twenty two major arcana representing the mysteries of life and the fifty six minor arcana representing fourteen figures in four suites; cups, wands, swords and pentacles. They were originally used for playing games such as Italian tarocchini and French tarot but were later used in occult and mystical practises as they are normally identified with today. There are some myths about tarot cards however the death card doesn't actually represent death just an ending from which a new beginning can emerge and flourish. For your tarot card reading enter your name and date of birth. After you've had your tarot card reading, check out and use our other tarot tools below.

Tarot Card Readings: Celtic Cross Tarot

Celtic Cross Tarot

The Celtic Cross Tarot Reading is one of the most frequently consult Tarot spreads and each card delivers answers and advice for even the most complex situations.

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Tarot Card Readings: Tarot Card Reader

Tarot Card Reader

This tarot card reader is one of our oldest tarot card tools where you select select whether you wish the tarot reader to share your future in terms of money, romance or career then select a number of cards for the reading itself.

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