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Celtic Cross Tarot

This free online Celtic Cross tarot card reading tool comes from the www.occult-games.com archive where there are lots of paranormal and psychic  tools lost and buried in our online dungeon, nowadays called a cloud. We've left the links to the author of this tarot tool up but given it has long since closed a new site may have appeared that is not safe. Please check if you follow any links. The Celtic Cross tarot spread is our favourite and is one of the oldest recorded. In summary the positions of the tarot cards are 1 = The Present; 2 = The immediate challenge; 3 = The distant past; 4 = The recent past; 5 = the best outcome; 6 = The immediate future; 7 = Factors representing the current situation; 8 = External influences; 9 = Your hopes and fears; 10 = The final outcome. Shuffle and deal the cards to get your Celtic Cross tarot reading then check out our other tarot card readings below



Celtic Cross Tarot


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Celtic Cross Tarot

Celtic Cross Tarot: Get a free online Celtic Cross tarot card reading with each tarot card from the Celtic Cross spread explained

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