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If you enjoyed the first Curse Village game, you'll enjoy Curse Village the Reawakening, although its a large game with many levels so may take a while to load, depending on your connection. This Curse game takes off from where the original ended and again you have to defend your village from the curse of the invading zombies. To most effectively kill the zombies use the [1 .. 6] hotkeys to quickly toggle between weapons and you can kill multiple zombies at once by using the vertical melee weapons which are best for killing the larger zombies whilst range weapons are most effective against the smaller zombies. There are a number of levels to this curse game and the wire barricade is essential if you're going to survive the night and keep your laser gun handy, when things get really hard it will come in useful, but try not to use it unless its really necessary.



Curse Game


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Curse Game

Curse Game: Play our free online curse game, Curse Village Reawakening, and try and defend your cursed village from the oncoming army of zombies

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