Ghost Story Game

Play our free online ghost game, Ghost Story. In this paranormal ghost game explore the haunting of a house bequeathed to you following the death of your father! There was a story that this house was occupied by a man and his wife. The wife was murdered by a burglar and the man then lived there by himself. From time to time he was seen outside but then the sightings stopped and people presumed he had moved away. Following the death of your father strange paranormal activity was witnessed in the building, perhaps the ghost of the lost man or his wife? Find out as you investigate in our scary ghost game. After you've played this online game, check out and play our other scary games ... if you dare.... then make sure you visit our online Ouija board.

Ghosty Ghosty

Scary Ghost Game

This is probably our favourite scary ghost game because it's got really atmospheric graphics and a dark brooding feel that conjures up the trepidation of actually dealing with haunted life forms that are placing your village under attack.

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Ghost Games

Ghost Games

This online ghost games collections reflects our love of scary games some with real ghost recordings and images. Check out Exmortis for one of the scariest ghost games online whilst Ghostscape and Ghosty Ghosty will send tingles up your spine.

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