Ritual Game

In this ritualistic horror game your car breaks down and you make the unfortunate decision to knock on the door of a nearby house. Bad move. You end up being held captive and probably regret not taking a closer look at the arm of a dead body protruding from under the doorway before you knocked and accepted the offered hospitality!! This horror game uses photo realistic imagery and has some gory scenes that would be unsuitable for young people. Can you escape the inevitable ritual or are you going to die, alone? After you've played this Ritual game have a look at and play our other scary horror games... if you dare.... then make sure you visit our online Ouija board.

Pit Dwellers

Pit Dweellers Game

This game is set in a drilling station on a remote island where miners reported strange noises whenever the drills stop working. All contact was lost and you need to go down and find out what happened.

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Death Games

Death Games

We have some of the very best death games online for your fiendish pleasure! Whether you want to solve a death riddle, work out plots to send people to the other side or use our online death book, you're in the right place.

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