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Murder Mystery Game

This mystery game will bring out your very best investigative skills! The game starts off with you driving towards a friend's house for a party but you have to take a detour and before long your car breaks down. In the distance you see a house and decide to get here there. Bad move. Actually, very bad move. What awaits is not just disturbing but a real mystery that will have you hooked. The events that unfold carry on from the unexplained death of a local man and the even greater mystery of the three investigators who 'disappeared' whilst looking for clues into the death. Can you solve the mystery or will you be the fourth person not to return?

If you get stuck, check out our Lost Found video walkthrough below! After you've played this online game, check out and play our other scary games ... if you dare.... and maybe even try our online Ouija board?



Mystery Game


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