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Bunker Escape Game

Its rarely good news when you wake up in a strange place with no recollection of how you got there and its probably even worse news when its not a friend's house but what appears to be an old abandoned war bunker. But wait, maybe not abandoned after all as there appears to be some recent activity of experiments being undertaken here. Let's hope you're not there to be experimented on. But hope is pretty much all you have as you attempt to escape from this unhealthy feeling bunker. As ever we've provided a walkthrough below should you get stuck underground and after you play this war bunker games why not check out and play our other online scary escape games. If you get out of this bunker of course. If not, well....



Bunker Escape Game


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Bunker Escape Game

Bunker Escape Game: Play our free online scary bunker escape game where you must escape an old war bunker that appears to be used for some unhealthy experiments

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