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Chamber Escape Game

In this chamber escape game you are trapped in an underground chamber, and, it won't come as any surprise to realise you have to escape. As with many of these escape games you have to find items to make good your escape and get out of the chamber, however this game is perhaps easier than others in its genre as you can work it out yourself without having to find a walk through. No, no hidden codes, no leaps of imagination or completing near impossible tasks; just concentrate on finding pieces of wood, a spear, oh and when you come across a fiercesome creature lurking deep in the chamber, remember it likes fungus. As you do. Think about why you might need the wood to escape the chamber (hint, you can make something out of it found in all homes that aren't bungalows) and remember that although its a point and click game, sometimes repeated clicks are better than one.



Chamber Escape Game


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Chamber Escape Game

Chamber Escape Game: Play our free online chamber escape game, Deep Chamber and see if you can escape from the underground chamber and the fiercesome monster lurking there

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