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Shadow Escape Game

In this shadow escape game you take the role of a vampire who scorned the love of a witch some two hundred years ago and she sought vengeance by imprisoning you in a house of dark shadows. There you remained alone and scared until the invention of the internet when others became available to help you in this flash game. Er, okay scrap that last bit.

We'll give you a few hints to get started. Turn left or right and click on the shovel then turn again, click on the right side of the stairs for the cauldron and then-beside the left standing light there is a TV, flip the 2 switches and remove the cord from behind, get your first key. Got it? Okay now you're on your own! After you've played this dark shadow escape game, check out and play our other scary games ... if you dare.... if you get stuck check out our Dark Shadows Escape video walkthrough below.



Shadow Escape Game


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Shadow Escape Game

Shadow Escape Game: Play our free online shadow escape game, Dark Shadows Escape, and help a lonely vampire escape from the trap set by a scorned witch

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