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Jigsaw Escape Game

In this killer escape game you have to escape from the final trap set by the notorious jigsaw killer. In order to escape his evil clutches you have to find three keys to escape the building. Its not going to be easy and some of the clues are quite complex, but then again it wouldn't be much fun for the killer to watch on his monitor if it was easy. To get you started exit the room then zoom in on the tv and take the lamp cord then zoom in above the door and take the first pipe then zoom in on the orange book, click on it and take the screwdriver. After that zoom in on the lamp and put the lamp cord on it (a bit to the left), pull it and take the first arrow card. After that you are on your own although a walkthrough is available. After you've played this Jigsaw killer escape game, check out and play our other scary games ... if you dare.... If you get stuck in this killer escape game check out our Jigsaw Killer 4 video walkthrough below.



Jigsaw Escape Game


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Jigsaw Escape Game

Jigsaw Escape Game: Play our free online killer escape game, Jigsaw Killer Escape and escape the final trap set by the Jigsaw killer

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