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Okay, when you saw Saw III you thought the evil Jigsaw was dead didn't you? But no, on 26th October 2007 on the eve of that year's Halloween, SAW IV hit the screens in north America exploring the story of Daniel Rigg, the SWAT. officer who first appeared in SAW II and helped apprehend Jigsaw.

In Saw IV Jigsaw puts Rigg through four trials to force him to give up on always trying to save others whilst, at the same time, beginning to understand how and why Jigsaw operates.

If you get stuck playing this Saw IV game check out out Insanity game video walkthrough below then make sure you check out our online Ouija board.



Saw Movie Game


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Saw Movie Game

Saw Movie Game: Play our free online Saw movie game based on the movie Saw IV Its a Trap and see if you can escape from the evil Jigsaw

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