Killer Escape Game

This killer escape game is really creepy and nothing is quite what it seems. You're a prisoner locked up in a dingy underground prison, but are you an actual killer or is the real killer your guard? And why do you have blood on your hands? Atmospheric and dangerous, this killer escape game will become a real nightmare as you have to establish how you can return to freedom and work out why you were there in the first place. But will you both survive or must one of you die? One thing you come to realise is that you're not the first to be held there and former inmates have left objects behind to assist you in your quest. If you remain locked up there is a video walkthrough below to assist. After you've played this game have a look at and play our other scary horror games then make sure you check out our online Ouija board.

Escape from Hell Towers

Prison Escape Game

Here you are a top security prisoner imprisoned as a test subject in Hell Towers and have to make good your escape by taking down the security guards before they terminate you. Why are you there and why are they so desperate to stop your escape?

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Escape Games

Escape Games

Nothing is quite as scary as being trapped in a place full of horror and you need to escape before those wishing you harm unleash their full fury on you. Here we have some of the very best scary escape games online.

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