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Prison Escape Game

This prison escape game is a bit different from the other scary escape games we have online. Here you are a top security prisoner imprisoned as a test subject in Hell Towers and have to make good your escape by taking down the security guards before they terminate you. Why are you there and why are they so desperate to stop your escape? Well you will soon find out! Although you are an armed professional and deadly, the security guards are better equipped so you need to take care as you escape from the prison. As the game progresses you can pick up other and better weapons to help your escape.

Use your left and right arrow keys to walk left and right, duh!, your up arrow key to dodge, your CTRL key to shoot, your shift key to switch ammo and your ENTER key to use the elevator.



Prison Escape Game


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Prison Escape Game

Prison Escape Game: Play our free online escape from prison game, Hell Towers, and kill the security guards before they terminate you

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