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Lab Escape Game

This lab escape game is as creepy and scary as it gets. As ever you wake up in strange surroundings, this time inside a vat of frothing liquid where you are part of an evil experiment. To complicate matters you don't even know who, or even what you are. You must escape to reveal all. We won't tell you too much about this lab escape game just enough to get you started. As you are trapped in the vat you need to get out of there before you can do anything else.

To do this click on the wires attached to the console then release the locks to your left and right then pull the emergency release button. Then this gruesome adventure really begins. Straight after you escape from the vat you will see a mobile phone. Pick it up and use it when you get stuck for clues and codes. If you get stuck check out our Escape the Lab video game walkthrough below.



Lab Escape Game


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Lab Escape Game

Lab Escape Game: Play our free online lab escape game, Escape the Lab. In this scary lab escape game, you a wake inside a vat and have to plan your escape

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