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Undead Game

Its probably not a good idea to hang around places where the undead are lurking especially when they are not only undead but also genetically modified. But hey, that's what you do when you enter an old decaying and haunted mansion. At least you think its haunted as there are strange noises emanating from some of the rooms and definitely the sound of some chilling music. But it gets worse, the house is full of the silent undead. In order to get away you must find eight health packs and three kinds of weapons to protect yourself and survive. To play this undead game use your arrow or WASD keys for movement, your "E" key to pick up an object or for action and your space bar to jump. And you will! Your mouse acts to aim, fire and look.



Undead Game


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Undead Game

Undead Game: Play our free online scary undead game where the genetically modified undead linger in an old decaying haunted mansion and are on the prowl after you

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