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Zombie Asylum Game

Okay, this zombie asylum game is a bit different from our other asylum games in that you're not trapped inside an asylum and have to escape. Okay, well, yes, actually you are trapped inside an asylum and have to escape but ah, you don't do so in a point and click adventure but with your gun. And its best to keep that gun loaded because these zombies are not very happy and they only person they are unable to express their unhappiness to is you. Think of yourself as a hospital asylum representative on the complaints desk but with a gun rather than a complaints form and pen. After you play this zombie asylum game why not check out and play our other scary online zombie games?.



Zombie Asylum Game


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Zombie Asylum Game

Zombie Asylum Game: Play our free online scary zombie hospital asylum game and try and fend off the zombies in this most unearthly of places

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